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And yes, perhaps the worst thing that happened to me was that my heart fell in love

with someone who removed me from his own life for no Special reason

The most ridiculous thing is that he behaves in a way that

seems to make him regret that he once had his life with me.

But I'm so stupid that if time goes back I will choose him again

because the most beautiful thing about us

was that we fell in love with someone we were and nothing more nonsense

I spent all my feelings and love for someone I am no longer a stranger to.

And that upsets me because I'm the kind of person I never thought I would be

And that might be the answer to your question of why i changed so much

I tried to change Just to cover up my cries and missing with my laughter

And maybe the point is, everyone who saw me laughing believed in how happy I was.

This added to my pain

And maybe all my dancing is a cry for help from my soul too

I thought many times that these would end.

that In the middle of the night, he will calmly tell me that he misses me

And he wish that never left me so easily

And I wonder do you still love me?

And I know I can't hear him say he loves me more than anything

But I wish I could hear that

And what should I do? When I can't let go of loving someone

Can I break my heart in the hope that one day he will realize that no one can love him like I do?

Or can I try to be able to love someone half of him?

No, I can't do anything , but allow my soul to be torn to pieces in the days and nights

But I'm afraid the day will come and I have nothing left

It's funny that I didn't write this nonsense on my blog for the first time and chose here insted

yup fuck that life and everything

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